Hi! I 'm a fully qualified and freelance Cross Mobile Publisher from Malmö profession University College, you think "what's that?..." Do you? It means I'm a multitasking person who works with websites, apps, e-books, product images, digital print ... yea, you ask! and I am creating it. If you ask about my specialty! I will say responsive webdesign.

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New responsive website ready for Eva Strömblad. She has worked as a professional hairdresser since 1987. In 1989 she was invited to work backstage as an assistant stylist and colorist at Matrix shows and seminars in Sweden and now she working with the Matrix Global Design Team with innovation by Trend Collection F / W 2014/2015, Graffity Nation, which is inspired by graffiti.

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Eva Strömblad

I'm also working with my favorite  soccer team and also the Swedish champions 2013 and 2014 Malmö FF. I have the responsibility for their product images to their online store.

As we might get products in short time, we appreciate how quickly Roger always work. As hard as this might becoming, we are always impressive that he gets the job done, it means a lot to us.

He will share his ideas where we get a lot of input that allows us to develop our online shop. With positive thinking and social skills that makes you look forward to meeting Roger every time.

Magnus Frank, store manager Malmö FF
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Have seen a lot within web, photography and have deliberately fallen more and more into freelance world where product images and websites are getting more everyday. I simply love to shoot stuff and creating websites, and also believe that I do it well.

The benefits of hiring me is the price will be more favorable towards the customer. Everything from updating a site or make major changes to building new website is no problem. I also work with product images that involves shooting and editing to the the client online store, but I can also work with the campaign images in which the product is in its proper environment.

These promotional images often fulfill their purpose of strengthening and positioning the brand or the company.

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The family company that started a children store and took the name from the daughter and granddaughter Matilda, the store i located in Höör Sweden. They wanit a e-commerce for the company VildaMatilda...

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This was a school projetcs with the teacher Anders Printz who are Motion Graphics Designer for the Swedish Television SVT. The film was made only by a iPhone 4s and a green screen, then we worked with Adobe Premiere, After Effects...

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Poetry Slammers

This was a class projects and we contacted the poets and asked if they wanted to get their own poems into poetry slammers. We used our free minds to put this project together , this is a native app for iPad...

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A native app to the company VildaMatilda, after the e-commers was ready a put together an app that's linked to this webstore so customer can select a means of payment in order to make purchase from the app...

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